The beautiful thing about life is that God puts jewels (people) into our lives to brighten our days and guide us along the way.  So often a friend will come along side during our darkest moments to help us through our trying times to give us that bit of sunshine that we need to face the day. The Son of God is a friend that will stick by us through every situation that we face in life, even in death we know that He is ever-present with us by the shadow that we cast in the valley of death. When we throw our riches to the world and stray away from His care and protection God always watches the horizon for our return. He welcomes us with open arms and forgives His children for their disobedience and restores the fellowship that we once had. God loves us far more than we deserve. The blood of Christ stands as a witness that we belong to Him and that our relationship will always be constant never to be destroyed by our broken fellowship.  I thank God that I am His child and that He loves me that much.

Put your faith and trust in Him alone to get you to heaven and you too will have the right to call Him Abba, Father.

By: Gary L. Rodgers

Romans 8: 15 & 16