By: Gary L. Rodgers


Psalms 37:23The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way. 24Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand. 25I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread. (KJV)

I am always amazed at the ways that the Lord works in the lives of His children.  Miracles are not a thing of the past; there are miracles that go on around us all of the time. When a soul gets saved it is a miracle in itself. Imagine a person walking a broad highway that leads to suffering and anguish and through a simple prayer, “God be merciful to me a sinner” (Luke 18:13) they are rescued from the eternal sufferings of hell and made a child of God with a mansion awaiting them in Heavenly places; all in an instant, a true miracle indeed.


In my own life I have seen the Lord miraculously save the souls of certain people and make drastic changes in their lives. I recall the first person that I had the great privilege of leading in a sinners prayer that they would be saved. I had prayed for days and asked the Lord to help me speak to someone about their salvation. I was at a car dealership in Rochester New York delivering cars and a man who checked in the cars happened to be the one that the Lord chose for our paths to cross. His name was Keith and when I asked him if he knew if he would go to heaven someday or not his reply shocked me. He said that he had some questions and asked if I would tell him how to be saved. Wow! What an opportunity, a real answer to prayer! As I witnessed to this man the presence of the Holy Spirit was evident, and with his eyes full of tears and a sincere heart this precious soul became a child of God that day.


Being a new Christian myself it was difficult for me to find every verse that I spoke of in our conversation, so I promised him that I would write him a letter and jot down all that we spoke of. This man was so excited about getting saved that he thanked me over and over again for sharing Jesus with him. Before I drove away he said that he knew that God sent me there that day, he said that he and his wife were having many problems and that his intention was to go home after work and gather his belongings and move back home with his mother. I tried to encourage him to share with his wife what God had done for him that day and said that God would help him to show her that there is a difference in his life.


After I arrived back home I went to work on my letter to him. The letter turned into eight to ten pages which I prayed so hard over asking the Lord to help this man win his wife to Him. I placed the letter into a bible that I purchased for him and mailed out the package. Nearly a month went by with no word that Keith had received the package. I called his home and his wife answered the phone. She said that Keith was not there but that the package was here for him. I could tell from the conversation that something was wrong, so I began to pray for this family and approximately six weeks later I took another load of cars back to this same dealership.


As I pulled into the dealership the door to the service department flew open and out ran Keith in the direction of my truck. I didn’t know what to expect. I couldn’t tell if he was angry or happy. After I parked I got out of my truck and that quickly he jumped on me and began hugging me and jumping up and down and shouting praise the Lord. He told me that he and his wife did separate, and that after I spoke to her on the phone that she opened up the package, read the letter, looked up the verses of scripture in the bible and she too had gotten saved. Wow! The letter wasn’t for Keith; God turned it around and delivered it into Keith’s Wife’s hands. What an amazing God that we serve. Keith went on to say that they were now back together as a family and that his teenage children also got saved and that the entire family was going to church, singing in the choir and getting their lives headed in the right direction. Well knock me over with a feather. All praise and glory to our miracle-working God; how great thou art!


I can’t begin to tell you the joy that I experienced through all of this and how the Lord had blessed me through this true miracle. I thought to myself, “now that’s how you punch the devil in the nose and get away with it. Win a soul! That’s how you do it; just win a soul! ” Joyfully I stand in the awesome presence of the Lord and marvel at His greatness and praise His wonderful name.


Another miracle that God allowed me to be a part of happened I’m guessing it to be a few months after the episode with Keith. I was delivering cars to a dealership in Reading Pennsylvania and went into Hardees that was next door. I bought some lunch and they handed me some coupons to try their new breakfast sandwiches that they were beginning to sell. I put the coupons on the dashboard of my truck and carried them around with me for nearly a month. I happened to be driving by Hardees in Martinsburg, West Virginia on my way to a dealership. I decided that I would stop and try one of these breakfast sandwiches on my return trip by the restaurant after I made my delivery just a short distance down the road.


When I came into the restaurant I happened to notice a young woman sitting at one of the tables with her bible. It looked as though she may have been doing a study and taking notes. As I headed for the sales counter I took a moment and stopped at her table and asked if she was a saved born again believer in Christ. To my surprise she said that she was not, but that she had a number of questions about it and invited me to sit at her table so she could hear more about this. Well praise God I didn’t need a rock to fall on me to convince me that the Lord worked this all out.

After we sat and talked for awhile I was able to share the gospel of Christ and I invited her to pray and ask the Lord to come into her heart and save her. She bowed her head in the restaurant and that day she became a child of God. I still to this day stand in amazement to the way that God causes things to happen. I gave this young woman, Bonnie by name; several tracts to help her in her Christian walk.


Six months or more went by and one day after the church services my Pastor at the time said “I have something for you.” He handed me a letter and told me how this couple had stopped by the church and he happened to be outside when they showed up. They sat and talked together and they shared with my Pastor how Bonnie got saved and since they were passing through the area they wanted to try to make contact with me. I opened the letter and it so blessed my heart to read how this couple was actively working in a church in Carlisle, Pennsylvania serving the Lord and growing in His Word. What a true blessing this was to learn this about these dear people.

All any of us need to do is make ourselves available. We don’t need to go to college or take special classes to tell people about Jesus. All the Lord asks is that we would be a willing vessel and He will take care of the rest.


One of the blessings of my life was when the Lord called me to work in a bus ministry in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There are many stories that I could tell about this great ministry, but one in particular I want to share. A man from Alabama decided to get on my church bus one Sunday morning after the church services to help out with our trip to take the children back home. He had his young son with him and this man had a desire to get busy at doing something for the Lord. I’ll never forget the white shirt and bib overalls that he wore that day. But praise God he was there as a willing vessel and God was about to put him to work. I always took the time to talk to the kids on my bus about being saved and there were two little girls that wanted to ask Jesus to come into their hearts and save them. I asked this man by the name of Bill if he would share Jesus with these girls and lead them in prayer as they accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

After brother Bill shared the message and prayed with these little girls it was like an explosion went off in his heart. I had no idea that these two little girls would be the launching pad that he needed to spend the rest of his life in the service of the Lord. I never seen anyone so turned on with fire like this man after leading these two little girls to Jesus. Brother Bill and I became very close friends and he went to work leading people to Jesus and getting them into church. He is such a blessing to all that know him.

Today this man, his dear wife and daughter serve the Lord as one of the Missionaries that my current church supports in Mexico. Brother Bill has always been a dear friend and brother; a true soldier of the cross always on the battle-line winning souls for Jesus.


I hope that in some way I have stirred your heart to serve the Lord by winning souls to Him. Just be willing and make yourself available and He will take care of the rest. There are souls out there dying every day without Christ. If we go to the Lord seeking the bread of life to give to poor lost sinners the Lord will give us all that we need and more. (Read Luke 11:5-8.  In a book written by John R. Rice called  “Prayer Asking and Receiving” Dr. Rice touches on this portion of scripture. While it is placed in the middle of Jesus’ teaching to His disciples on prayer, Dr. Rice points out that we need to continually go to the Lord begging bread for lost sinners. Soul winning is an extremely serious business, so important that the Son of  God gave His life for it; and if you get serious with God about winning souls He will give you all the bread (food of the gospel) that you need to feed the lost.)

My hope is to someday meet the Lord with and empty basket to show that I have been actively involved in winning souls. What a shame and embarrassment it would be to meet Him with a full basket of moldy bread.

Who will be the soul that you bring to Jesus? It could be another Billy Sunday or another Billy Graham; it could even be your mother or father. Perhaps it might be a husband, wife or one of your own children. How far will you go to carry bread to each of them?


O Lord our Lord how excellent is thy name in all the earth, who has set thy glory above the heavens. I pray for these my brothers and sisters that you will give them the strength and courage that they need to fight the battle for lost souls. Help them to dress in the battle armor. (Ephesians 6:10-18) Please bring victory into their lives as they speak to others about your wonderful saving grace. May they stand firm in their faith and courageously battle for the unsaved; and also for the saved brethren that are weak and needs to be lifted up and encouraged. May you fill these mighty warriors’ days with blessings and joy as they go to the lost with the message of hope that they too can become a child of the King.

In the blessed name of your Son Jesus Christ we pray and ask that you would grant these petitions. Amen!