Hello Everyone,

I wanted to announce to all of you that after months of hard work and much prayer my book has finally made it to market. You can view it on ( by typing in the search box “By the Grace of God Devotional and Prayer Diary”. I wanted to give you a look at the cover and interior of the book.

I tried to create something special that would give the user more than just a Devotional; actually it gives you three books in one when considering that it can be used as a Prayer Diary where you can write down your prayer and praise items plus it can be used as a journal where you can jot down your study notes etc. I wanted the user to broaden their thinking when using this book so I decided from the onset to avoid having the page header, scripture verse, and topic all agree in thought with each other for any given day.

Two things that always frustrated me with Devotionals was a date set for each page and a set scripture reading for each day. Whenever I read a devotional and I missed a day or two there was always a guilt trip on my part with trying to catch up. And If I was studying something specific it bothered me to set that aside and study something else that was selected by another person. So I chose to fix it so that you could begin the devotional on any day of the year and if you happened to miss a day or two it didn’t matter, you simply started again from where you left off. To give more meaning to your studies I made it so that you selected your passage of scripture study for each day.

There is plenty of room in this 8.25 x 11 book for you to write anything and everything. It has 365 pages so that way you get a full year’s use out of it. Every page is different; there are no repeats. So, By the Grace of God and through the power of the Holy Spirit a new idea was born.

May you find it to be a rewarding tool in your daily walk with the Lord.

Brother Gary